About Kristin Andress

Kristin Andress has invested her life studying the legends of thought leadership. Now, she works with today’s entrepreneurs, corporations, speakers, and authors who wish to leave a legacy in our new generations and upon the world we can create.

As the CEO of Andress Strategy Consulting, a Solana Beach, California-based firm, she and her team enable maximizing capacity via:

  • Innovative strategic planning
  • Efficient project management
  • Facilitation and moderating of key events
  • Communication, messages and marketing collateral reflecting specific value and results
  • Effective relationship management
  • Leading follow through on opportunities for clients
  • Teaching through speaking, workshops and coaching

Her distinct value proposition is in how she brings collaboration, creativity, extensive relationships and the innate ability to see how disparate pieces come together. This results in a strategic approach for building your business, creating and managing your message, publishing your book and products and basically simplifying what may be seemingly complex. Read More...