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If you rest on your laurels for long in life or business, Kristin Andress is bound to ask you, “How is that working for you?”  She is on a perpetual quest to create the What’s Next.

Kristin began her career with Arthur Anderson and within 8 years she served as the Director of Tax and Legal Performance and Learning.  While in her 20’s, she managed a multi-million dollar budget, led a global team of 52 people in the States/25 in the UK, and was responsible for directing and guiding the development and implementation of various international programs.  She traveled extensively and lived the road warrior’s life and after a decade of doldrums, she realized living on the road was not the long-term lifestyle she desired.

She exited her successful career, took two years off to write books, and started Andress Strategy Consulting in 2003.  She transitioned into a lifestyle that allows her to combine her business skills with her profound curiosity to see how disparate parts of a business or product can come together in scale and through innovation.  Her best day is a day she delivers a bold idea.  Over the years she has worked with high profile individuals, authors, speakers, business owners and thought leaders providing the strategy and vision necessary to launch new products, re-launch existing products, expand business portfolios and position individuals as global experts. She believes everyone is accessible…if you have an offer, pure intention and authenticity.

Through strategic relationships and collaborations, Kristin is in the business of offering strategic planning, marketing, media, branding and communication solutions to clients. Kristin has spent her life studying the legends of thought leadership. In her early years the greats; Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Dale Carnegie and Viktor Frankl captivated Kristin. After walking on fire with Tony Robbins, reading thousands of books, and attending a plethora of conferences, she took her career by the reins and began appearing on radio and TV using her talent of communication to advance intentional living in others. In ‘Lisa Ling meets Rachel Ray’ style, Kristin serves the thought leadership industry as a respected voice.

These initiatives are a natural follow up to her best-selling co-authored book, Imagine Being in a Life you Love , which provides an invitation and rally cry for people to design their lives by choice rather than leaving it to chance.  She is a contributing author in the book, Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business and Life which is inspired by Dr. Nancy O’Reilly. Kristin’s latest release is the book , Be Good For Goodness Sake. She is also the author of The Pack , a children’s book reflecting the character traits of rescue dogs and what we can learn from them (to be released spring 2017).

Kristin earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Communication/Human Relations from Western Illinois University and achieved a master’s degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Kristin is dedicated to promoting animal rights and actively participates in various supporting charities.