I’m Kristin.

I write. I read. I communicate. I connect people and points. I strategize. I think. I lead. And I love – what I do and usually who I do it for and with. I have the master’s degree and 22 years of business ownership experience, preceded by a decade in corporate. Swimming upstream and being only as good as my last time out is not uncommon to me.

I accept and create challenges and sometimes chaos. I have strong views on many things. Yet, I see mostly gray because I’m conscious of perception and perspective management and I am aware that beliefs, POV and limitations are mostly a matter of world experience or lack thereof.

I like people. I love words. I enjoy practices of mind, body, and spirit, and conversations about what ifs, and the grand why. Talk to me about an interest and I’ll recommend a book you should read or a person you should meet. Talk to me about politics or perpetual negativity and I’ll check out.

This is not my profile on a dating site. Yet, when I work with you, we are in a relationship. If I choose you and you choose me, I’m choosing to not just care – but commit – to being ahead of you, beside you or behind you in your chosen endeavor or enterprise. Whether it is authorspace or outerspace, if it’s in your gut and heart and I believe you and believe in you, I have your back.

I’m a great partner because I won’t let you slack or rest on your laurels. I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll be kind, and also fierce. You may dislike me sometimes and I may dislike you, but I won’t leave you unless you go dark. No need to find out what that means.

It’s important – more like crucial – to me to collaborate with those who have a vision of our world that includes personal participation in its positive progress. If you like seeing others do good and you do well because of it, I’ll most likely see you, meet you where you are, and do my best to bring you to where you can or must be.

I hope I get to work with you and you with me. Let’s see…


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