I write and consult…

I write and consult for individuals, businesses (entrepreneurs), corporations and non-profits. My best clients are mission driven, value-centric, and may love money or power – for the purpose of serving up good. Define ‘good’ as you will, as long as it’s good.




A person who has a message, motivation and means to create a book or a brand. It’s not inexpensive, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or inefficient. Investing of time, talent and dollars serves up the expectation of a great product, but also expect a cathartic and enjoyable accomplishment.

Topics I excel with are: Mind/Body/Spirit, Business, Faith, Self-Help and Memoirs (with legacy intention). Sometimes children’s books…my mom was a children’s librarian for 23 years.


Start up or seasoned – whose leaders know the excellence of their brand, product or service, but their buyers or followers must be compelled to recognize the best in industry and make informed decisions.

I excel with: Leaders who have an eye on impact and give back, and who operate their business(es) with values and non-negotiables in the best interest of their people, client/customer and community. Start ups excite me. I also get engaged by discovering an edge to renew existing businesses.


With multiple generations in the workforce and competition for the best recruits, customers or clients, how do you rise above the fold? Culture and Communication.

One of the best parts of working with corporations is to give their ‘name’ a face and a place. The giants are made up of people with varied interests and intentions. How do you speak to the masses, while enthusing the individual? How do you creatively or practically maintain market share or grow? Conscious consideration. Conscious communication.


Competition for dollars is no joke. The good news about that is that there are a lot of organizations doing a lot of good for people. I like to view it as not competing but differentiating. Communicating with new and existing funding sources is one thing. Truly knowing who they are and getting to them can be another. The best part of this work is sharing the progress and the outcome. Money enables provision for basic needs, but much more. It can be invested in creating awareness which creates acceptance, which abolishes many extremes.

My best – is when I feel you and what you do – and understand why you do it. I love to tell the stories…all of them.

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